How do i cancel my order ?

You can cancel your order by clicking the “X” button in the checkout area. If your order is completed and you want to cancel, please log into the track order section and click cancel order… as long as the order is not processed it can be cancelled.

How do i track my order ?

Mouse over the SUPPORT  button, and click PACKAGE TRACKING, and enter your tracking number

Refund, exchange policy

Our Mission is to supply a satisfactory product, if the product is not completely satisfactory please email us at addy87626

How long does it takes for the order to be shipped ?

All orders are shipped within two weeks, an agent will contact you when the shipment is sent.

How long does it take to arrive ?

Arrival times can vary depending on the location, normally the delivery time ranges between 2-3 working days.

How does the order processing works ?

All orders are ROASTED to ORDER to maintain freshness.

Is True Blue Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee certified ?

All of our True Blue products are certified with the Jamaican Coffee Industry Board.